Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CURRENTLY with Farley! - July 1st 2015

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OK, I haven't watched children's television in a LONG time.  I am out visiting grandbaby #3 in California and loving every minute of it.  Tomorrow I have to leave my sweet baby and head back home and I am so sad!  

I have been taking care of her during the day and every morning we watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which is basically Mr. Rogers animated.  So that is why I am listening to it with her because she loves the characters, colors, and music.

I am LOVING that I got to spend two weeks with my sweet baby and had such a wonderful bonding experience with her.  

I am THINKING about how I have to leave tomorrow and fly back to GA and get back into the real world again.  I know most of you are just starting your summer but in about three weeks I have to be back in my room getting it ready before teacher work week.  UGH!

I am WANTING to be able to spend more time with Anna, but I need to go back home...

I did not turn my "teacher brain" off this summer so I have been busy!!!  

ENJOY your summer no matter what is left of it!


  1. Congratulations on your new grandbaby. Wow you guys go back to school early. We did just get done, like three weeks ago. We have two months yet before school starts. Have fun getting your classroom ready.


  2. We love Daniel Tiger in our house too! My two year old thinks he's great and I love how it teaches social skills as well. Enjoy your last day with grandbaby before heading home!


  3. Congrats on your new grand baby. I'm home this summer with my baby boy and I'm loving it! My district just ended last Thursday so I have the whole month of July and August to get ready for back to school!
    Thanks for sharing,