Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bright Ideas Blog Hop! YEAH!!!

YEAHHHHH!!!  Another Bright Ideas Blog Hop and I do look forward to these each month!  

I have often wanted a place on the internet that I could go and share pictures, messages and events with my parents.  I wanted something that was private to all participants and free, well it was a nice thought anyway, right?

Well, I found this great article on Classhubz!  I was surprised that it met all of my requirements and more.  If you haven't checked it out you really should.  

Yes, you will have to register but it only takes a minute of your time.  You then create a Hub and invite your parents, students and more.  In Classhubz you can upload photos, documents and there is even a calendar to schedule events, conferences and more.  Trying to get that school supply list out to all of your parents?  Problem Solved!  Trying to share photos from the classroom? Problem Solved!  Wanting to share an important event on the calendar?  Problem Solved!  

 Click the Image to go to the Website

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  1. Hi, I thought that this new teacher-seller website might interest you. They are based in Canada and offer features that are not found on similar sites. They also have a lot of new features coming. Here is a link: Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers

  2. Thank you for this great site! I love that it's private. Thanks for sharing.
    Fun in Room 4B