Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fantastic GoNoodle Brain-breaks for Your Classroom and FREE!!!

Have you heard of the fantastic free brain breaks for teachers?  Yep, that's right I said FREE!!!  Let me tell you about GoNoodle for the classroom.  

I use GoNoodle in the mornings before we start our day to get our brains moving as well as our physical bodies.

After lunch we have a brain break time with GoNoodle.  I was struggling with keeping my first graders awake after lunch each day and GoNoodle came to the rescue.  Now we have a GoNoodle moment right after lunch!

We took a vote the other day and my kids love the FREEZE activities and of course we do the math ones after lunch!

Here are a few pictures of my firsties doing our morning routine with that crazy chicken!  

So why should you take a look at GoNoodle?

GoNoodle is a free brain break resource for teachers all around the world!
GoNoodle is easy to use - no prep required! 
GoNoodle uses technology and a familiar game-like experience to engage students in brain breaks.
GoNoodle offers a variety of activities for anytime of the day.
Most teachers use GoNoodle to transition from one subject to the next.
Research shows that short bursts of classroom physical activity improve student performance.

Are you convinced yet?  

There is a premium version available in our giveaway on the Primary Chalkboard Blog.  So go visit and find out all about how you can get your GoNoodle Plus version for free by clicking the image below...


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