Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Techie Stuff for my Fellow Bloggers!!!

Atlanta Mass Transit Made Simple!

Linking Up With Technology Tailgate!

Hey All, I haven't blogged in like forever and was home today after going to an eye doctor appointment.  I was waiting until I could actually see the print on my screen before I started typing.  OUCH! I don't like having my eyes dilated and then having bright lights in them makes it even worse.  I made it home safely and I am thankful.  I was listening to this short video on the news on some really cool and very helpful apps for any of you traveling around Atlanta to conferences and meetings.  If you are just visiting or for all of you who live in Atlanta and want to take mass transit/Marta easier, this post if for you.  This app is designed to take the guesswork out of mass transit.  It was developed in Seattle and one of the co-creators now works at Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!!!) and what happened to the letter "T" in Tech on the building anyway?  Geesh!
So Kari is now an assistant professor at Tech in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  She brought the technology with her and we all benefit from her being in Atlanta!  Go Kari!  Girl Power!!! The app uses GPS devices on MARTA buses/trains to track exactly where they are anywhere, anytime.    

Click Here!
Right now it tracks MARTA, Georgia Tech trolleys (GO TECH!, did I already say that?) and soon Cobb County Transit buses.  Okay, so if you are coming to Atlanta for a Meetup or just traveling around the ATL you now have this convenient app at your fingertips!

Here's to technology and it being totally awesome!

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