Friday, March 7, 2014

Five for FRIDAY Linky Party for March 7th!!!

Yep, It's that time again, to join Doodle Bugs for her "Five for Friday"!  TGIF Everyone and I am hoping all of you are headed towards a warmer weekend and NO MORE SNOW?

I am stuck on making my "Word Work" stations more interesting for all of my firsties.  I went blog hunting for all of the ideas I could get my bloggy fingers on.
  These are some of the items that arrived today via the UPS Dude.  My doggie, T-Bone, ADORES the UPS Dude because he brings his most prized possession; bubble wrap.  That's right, bubble wrap!  He ripped dozens and dozens of bubble wrap to pieces until none of the bubbles were left.  The fun begins when he gets the bubble wrap under his paws and pops it with his teeth.  My other three dogs run here, there and everywhere in dreaded fear of the popping sound of the bubble wrap.  The 4th of July is not a popular holiday at my house for the canine population.  Oh my gosh, how did I get into this insane household where there are more dogs than humans?  LOL  
Okay, here we go with item number one:

I already had these, but I needed more so I bought one of each and I can't wait to add them.  

Yep, I got stencils and I bought two of them for extra fun.  I can't wait to see what they do with these.

Loved this idea using foam letters and will add them on Monday to all the other insanity.

Yep, how can you have "working on words" without wooden letters?  I love these wooden tiles and a little math thrown in doesn't hurt, right?  Just let them make the words that have the highest points!

Now seriously, what word work station is complete without wikki stix?  Love these things and they stick to the wall and everything else in the classroom. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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