Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hip, Hip, Hooray for 100 Day!!!

One Hundred Day!

How do you start your 100th Day?  What are some activities that you do with you class on this special day?

We start by reading some of the special books I have in the classroom.  Of course there is always the Kindergarten favorite:

I once taught Kindergarten for what seems like 100 years ago and this was a favorite!  There are so many 100th Day books out there now and I am glad that there are.  Here are some more favorites that I use in my classroom:

Here is a great video from YouTube to get the day started OR to get them out of that "after lunch" food coma.

OHHHHH!!!  Do you know about this really FUN app out there that takes pictures and makes them look (trying to be delicate) like they are 100 years old?  As I get closer and closer to those years I try to speak more and more delicately about the subject.  LOL!  

Oldster App in iTunes

Here are some shots of the app if you are interested!

The pictures of the app absolutely do not do it justice.  The pictures turn out making you look much older then the ones above do.  I took a picture of my son and all I have to say is it did a (cough, cough) good job of making him look like he was 100 years old.  Notice I didn't take my picture and do it to myself?  That would have been a classic "I broke the camera" moment for sure!  When you take the picture it can be immediately sent to twitter, Facebook, emailed, or downloaded.  All I know is if you try it with yourself you can delete it immediately!  Ummm, no I do not speak from personal experience!  If you try the app please let me know how you liked it and tell me what your kids thought of it.

Okay, moving right along…
If you are looking for a terrific 100th Day product on TpT then look no further because I just happen to have one.  (amazing right?)  
Click on the picture below and enjoy your 100th Day freebie of bookmarks for your students!  
Click Here for your FREEBIE!

Then the image below will take you to my TpT store so that you can purchase the product.

Here's to warmer days, brighter smiles and we ARE getting closer to the end of school.  It will be here before we know it!!


  1. Oh Deb, you are 100 years away from 100!

    1. Awww, Thank you Katie! Love your encouraging words!

  2. What a great and fun idea about using that app in the classroom! I'm not sure if my kids would even be able to contain their excitement (read: craziness)!

    Happily Teaching

    1. Hi Elyse, I am so glad you visited my blog and I hope to see you around more and more. I am on my way right now to visit yours and become familiar with who is who in the blogging world!