Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Grade Literacy Curriculum Bundle on Educents!!!

SURPRISE!  The First Grade Educents Bundle is Here!!!

Classroom routines are settling a bit, students are getting into the groove of things, and we are really starting to dig deeper into our curriculum!  So I have teamed up with Educents and some other bloggers to offer you this great First Grade Literacy Bundle at a huge discount for a limited time!  (And keep reading for an opportunity to win an item from my store!)

You get 18 amazing literacy items to help your learners become better readers and writers!  Included are centers, printables, posters, readers, and even a little science and social studies because those are literacy too!

Welcome Cowboys and Cowgirls to the Bossy "R" Roundup! 
What a fun way to teach your students about Bossy "R" by using 
games and interactive learning activities! 
This packet contains the following activities:

1. Read and Write the Room with Bossy "R"

2. Bossy "R" Board Game

3. Bossy "R" I Have, Who Has Game

4. Bossy "R" Word Scramble

There are 17 other products in our bundle to get your kids learning!  Hop along to see all the goodies you will get!  

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So head on over to Educents when you are ready and stock up on amazing literacy resources for first!

Now it is time to HOP on over to Funky Fresh Firsties for the next part of the Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Funky Fresh Firsties

Isn't  this FUN?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hooray for Constitution Day and a FREEBIE!

Hi All!  It's Deb from Fabulously First Blog coming to the rescue for your Constitution Day!

Constitution Day is on September 17th
Are You Ready?

On May 24, 2005, the U.S. Department of Education released a Notice of Implementation announcing that ALL educational institutions receiving federal funding must provide an educational program pertaining to the United States Constitution on September 17th of each year.  That's the explanation for "why we have to" teach about the Constitution on a special day each year.

So, after our Assistant Principal asked us to submit what we are going to be teaching I went to work.  We had to submit our plans for Constitution Day by September 6th.  I tried to find as much about Constitution Day for first graders as I possibly could.  

So, if you are looking for a good unit on Constitution Day here is one I created for my students:

 Constitution Day Freebie
Click Image Above

This unit contains the following activities for your students:

Common Core State Standards

Resources for Teachers
Why we are required to celebrate Constitution Day
Constitution Day Word Search and Answer Key
Constitution Day Decoder Message
Constitution Day Making New Words
Constitution Day Making New Words Cards
Constitution Day Book for each student
What Does the Preamble Mean Book for each student broken
down into kid friendly terms
Constitution Day Bookmarks for each student

Here is an oldie but a goodie from Schoolhouse Rock!  I can't wait until my firsties listen to this and watch their responses.


There is also a really cute and fun book that I ordered from Amazon about the Constitution and the information on it is here:

Remember the question I asked earlier about "are you ready"?  Well, you are now, so go and have fun on Constitution Day and celebrate living in the USA!!!

Hope everyone is having a great three day weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!!!

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Okay, this was a four day week but it felt like a seven day week!  WHEW!!!  I love teaching and I am glad when it begins to settle into a predictable routine.  Our first grade schedule was kind of a mess but it was tweaked a bit and made tolerable.  I have the best bunch of kiddos this year and I have fallen in love with all of their adorable faces and playful personalities.  

Oh!, and I won the coolest pencil sharpener EVER from Daina over at Sticky Notes and Glitter!  WOO HOOOO!!!  Oh, and it is P I N K too and I can't wait to
 get it.

This week has been really fun with my firsties getting them to build their stamina while doing "Read to Self".  They love marking their stamina sheets to show how long they have been reading.  I think their teacher is finally getting the hang of all of this?

Yes, my sweet little firsties are learning to enjoy reading and as you can see from the picture below they have a fun reason to be loving it.  They put a whole new meaning into "book baskets" this week for me.  I wish I had more room for more baskets so all of them could read in one.  It helps define their space and they can read comfortably. 

Today we played "ZAP" for the first time and they loved it and I enjoyed playing it with them.  We had a blast and I kept constantly changing the rules on them and they were all fussing at me!  (he he he)

I always love when September comes around and we start in on our APPLE units and activities.  One of my favorite units to teach is my "I Love Apples" (greater than, less than 10) activity.  I was working with one of my kiddos today and helping her out and she was such a good sport to sit with me.


I was introduced to a cute and fun app today and I thought it was great.  Now if I can just figure out how to get it from an iPad onto my interactive whiteboard?  I'm afraid if I use it the kids will make more noise when the little guy starts crying because they get too loud.  Anyway, I downloaded it and played with it and we had fun experimenting.  The name of the app is "Too Noisy" and it is free in the app store.  

Click on the picture for more information!

Okay, well that does it for me for my "Five for Friday" and here's wishing all of you a fantastic weekend and lots of fun/rest.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently! with Farley

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The older I get the better I like the peace and quiet in my house in the evenings.  I sure did enjoy my three day weekend and worked hard to get some projects done but the internet was down for five hours on Sunday.

I am dreaming of one day, just one day that I might be able to do TpT full-time and retire and be able to enjoy my beautiful grandchildren and my sons.

My car is almost 12 years old and I am hoping and praying that one day I can replace it with something newer but not necessarily new.  

PTSD is real and sometimes I know what to do with it but most of the time I don't know how to help my son because I can't see the world the way he does. It makes me sad to see someone who was once so full of life being someone I don't even recognize any longer.  

I try so hard to be a positive thinker and I am thankful for the blessings that are coming my way even though I do not know what they are.  Just having hope and believing that God can provide blessings abound is enough for me!!!

Enjoy your week at school everyone and before you know it we will be heading into Thanksgiving week and Christmas Break!

Love You All!