Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite "PINS" Friday!!!

Join At the First Grade Parade

 It's super easy to make.  All you need is a piece of poster board (Dollar Store sells them for $.50), 2 paper cups, 2 paper towel roll insides, a basket or bowl, beads (or anything to count with-paper clips, erasers, etc.) and a marker to draw the plus sign!  These are all simply taped to the poster board using packaging tape.

I made these last year in our wood shop and it was easy peasy.  Just add a little duct tape and you are in business.  You just keep those disinfectant wipes available and their names on them and you are ready to READ!  Works great during "read to self" time!  If you want to know how to make them click on the picture above.

Yep, I love MY Pikle and if you DON'T have one you need to check them out!  You can custom create what all you can put into your Pikle and the possibilities are ENDLESS!  Click on the image above to see what the Pikle is all about!  You will LOVE it and you will WANT one!

I SO want one of these to crawl into at the end of the day.  Aren't they fabulous looking?  Only problem would be everyone else in the house would want to jump in too! hmmmmm...
Click on the link if you want to go and look at all the color they offer.

Finally, I leave you with a POSITIVE thought!  Good Things ARE Going to Happen!  Thanks for dropping by my Favorite Pinterest Pins and keep on thinking that Good Things ARE going to Happen!  Have a Fabulous Weekend!


  1. I use the whisper phones with my kiddos! They love them! But I love, love, love the colored duct tape! I think I need to make mine pretty!

    Love your positive thought :)
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

    1. Hi Sarah, You would love them all decorated with the cute duct tape. It doesn't take long and you can always recruit help! lol

  2. I'm doing that Adding Fun idea for sure! Brilliant. I could add that to our daily math routine. Thank you thank you!!
    Whimsy Workshop

    1. Susanna, Isn't that math idea just the greatest and so simple too!

  3. Hi Crystal, I know, the minute I saw that chair I said I need that for me and for the grandkids! lol