Sunday, June 16, 2013

Organization IS the Key!

I don't know about you but I think there is A LOT of information out there on "How To Organize Your Classroom".  If everyone that reads this post shares a helpful hint that they use it would probably create a "best seller".  I am going to briefly touch on four different areas of organization and hopefully we will all learn from each other. Here are the four areas that I thought would be beneficial:

1. DESK-What is with my desk and where did all these papers come from?
2. SUPPLIES-Where am I going to put all of these supplies anyway?
3. TECHNOLOGY-I love technology but why does it come with so many cords?
4. CLASSROOM-Do these kiddos really need this much construction paper? 

I would bet that you can relate to almost every single question on the list so lets get busy......  

1. DESK-What is with my desk and where did all these papers come from?

We I am always seeking the answer to this one so where is Yoda when you need him most? (oh my gosh, she is a nerd) One thing that I am doing this year is an organizational binder that contains all the information that my brain does not want to carry around.  There are many binders out there but we all want one that meets our own needs right?  Where do I put this binder so that I can grab it easily and find it on my desk?  I have this wonderful desktop organizer that I use from Really Good Stuff that looks like this.  

Click the pictures to view the product

2. SUPPLIES-Where am I going to put all of these supplies anyway?

This year my class is not having "community" property and all my kiddos have to keep up with their own supplies in a shoebox that will fit nice and neat in their desk. (Yeah right, in a perfect world)  The overflow materials are going to go into one of two of these fantastic three drawer containers with labels laminated and glued to the inside of the drawer.  (OK, so not only is she a nerd, she is delusional). 
 Maria Manore's Decorated Organizer!

Another thing that I did was decorate one of those tool and gadget organizers from Amazon.  Here is a picture of it after I finished decorating it.  I was so organized all year and the kids knew where to find things as well so it made my life so much easier!

3. TECHNOLOGY-I love technology but why does it come with so many cords?

Unfortunately technology does come with a lot of cords and they always seem to end up in places where they can't be seen or reached. Another issue is how many times a day do you have to log in for someone because the letters on the keyboard just don't seem to help? Here is an easy and simple solution to both problems:
 Click the images above to visit the post

Before you click on the second picture I must warn you that you are about to be sucked into a black hole of oooooohs and ahhhhhhhs and "how can this lady be a first grade teacher and do all of this anyway?"    

4. CLASSROOM-Do these kiddos really need this much construction paper? Really?

Yes, they really do need that much construction paper but I have the best solution to this E V E R!  The picture below is just pure genius and if you click on it you will travel once again to the (un)known kingdom of organization.....Am I keeping all of you busy or what?

OK, we are just about there and just when you thought it was safe I found two other tidbits I thought I would share.  When you do math/ela journals this year (the composition notebooks) have someone cut them in half and they go further. (Check with Lowe's or Home Depot)  When you go to decorate your bulletin board and it is hanging behind the computers (like mine is-Ugh!) grab some tablecloths or material at your local Wal-mart. You could also just grab a gallon of paint and paint your bulletin board and never have to cover it again.  If you grab material please make sure the pattern is going in the right direction?  (not only is she a nerd and delusional but she has no forethought).


One thing that I have trouble with is keeping my books organized and it drives me crazy.  I found this easy to do idea on Pinterest and am going to try to do it this year.  If you have already tried it let me know how it worked for you?

I hope that as we close our time together that I have inspired you to share something with us that you discovered to work in your classroom.  If you want to share something that you have tried please share below in the comments area for everyone else to read.


  1. Your post made me giggle... mostly because I try so hard to be organised. It just never works! (Only this afternoon I was lamenting to my kiddos that a space that I had nice and tidy on Friday afternoon was already piled high with more books/things to file away! One of my firsties even tried to console me: "It must be really annoying to have things so messy again, Miss Galvin!" If only she knew?!)

    Thanks for the laugh, and the wonderful links. These shall continue to inspire me (or possibly plague me!) in my attempt to find order!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. Love this post! Organization is my new goal every year and so far.....I haven't made my goal yet and it has been 15 years! LOL! I don't give up though, I keep trying every year. At least I know one of my goals every year. :-)
    Teaching Little Miracles