Sunday, May 5, 2013

Science Sunday! Get Ready for Some Landform FUN and a SALE on TpT!

To make the volcano just use paper mache.  I use a blender with water and newspaper to make the mixture.  Have them make the landform by hand and let it dry on a surface (I use the small white tubs from Walmart).  Then we paint our volcano with tempera paint and let it dry.  

You can also use clay to make your volcano landform but the paper mache is more fun for the kids and cheaper too.  For the little small container that needs to go in the middle I go to the dollar tree and grab some really small plastic cups or go to any place that still uses film canisters for 35mm film.  You will also need red and yellow food coloring to make the red lava.  The last two items you need are vinegar and liquid dish washing soap.  

The most important part of doing this inside the classroom is to be prepared to clean up someone's overflowing volcano and have plenty of paper towels on hand!  I do this with groups of five children in each group and try to have enough plastic tubs for the volcanos to dry in so that when all the ingredients erupt it stays within the tub.  I also do one group's volcano at a time so that the fun last longer and the attention is given to the group that created the volcano. 


Here we go!  Lets get ready for some volcano fun!

1. Put the small cup or film canister into the top of the volcano
2. Add two spoonfuls of baking soda into the container
3. Add about a spoonful of dish soap into the container
4. Add about five drops of red and five drops of yellow food coloring into the container
5. Add about an ounce of vinegar into the container and watch what the volcano erupt!  It erupts really quick so be ready!

Inquiring minds will want to know:

What if you have more vinegar then baking soda, does it make it better?

What is you have more baking soda then vinegar, does it make it better?

What is a chemical reaction? (older kids of course)

Does the shape and size of my volcano make the "lava" go in a different direction?

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