Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party .. May 24th}

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(1) Well, my week did not start off on a positive note, but it sure had to go up from here, right?  Last weekend our finished basement flooded from the flash floods we were having in GA.  It was 4 AM and we had flash flood warnings and I guess all of them decided they wanted to be in my basement?  We did everything we could to salvage things but it didn't work for us at all.  We have home insurance with Liberty Mutual and they didn't cover any of the damage.  So we are not going to be doing business with Liberty Mutual much longer because they never finished my basement repairs from 2007 when we had a pipe burst under the slab.  Sorry Liberty Mutual but we are no longer doing business with you!  Here is what my carpet looked like and it was a mess.  


(2) On the brighter side, this was the last week of school and my class had a GREAT celebration for the end of the school year.  Yes, today was my last day of school and I am so glad.  

Trying to pick up candy with a straw!

(3) On the last day of school at Midway we have a "final walk" for our fifth graders and it can be a very emotional time.  We see kids come to us in kindergarten and then before you know it they are taking the "final walk" right before your eyes.  Some kids cry when they take their "final walk" and some happily rejoice in moving on.  Where does the time go?

"Final Walk" this afternoon!

(4) I had some wonderful parents this year that took good care of me and gave me some of the cutest gifts.  My sweet Eleanor brought me this adorable polka dot drinking container with the crystal light.  The suntan lotion is something you can never have too much of isn't it?  Oh, it also had jolly rancher jellies and they are all gone!  YUMMY!

Summer Vacay Here I Come!

(5) Today after school I came running in to see how Ashley's fundraiser is going on her blog for the teachers in Oklahoma.  A large group of teachers that I know all came together and donated some of our products to help out the teachers in Oklahoma after their terrible tragedy struck.  Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they piece their lives back together.  If you click on the picture below you too can help out and donate!  If you donate you will receive $250.00 in TpT products free for your generosity!    

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Love To All and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!




  1. Oh, I can survive all summer on Crystal Light and Jolly Ranchers! And I almost have in the past. Such a great blog - glad I popped over from Doodle Bugs. Enjoy your break!
    Whimsy Workshop

    1. Hi Susanna, I am glad you did pop over and visit! I love doing the "Five for Friday" with Doodle Bugs! I hope you have a fantastic summer break too!

  2. So sorry to hear about your basement!!! What a head ache!!!

    And, the final walk sounds wonderful! Very special!

    Have you entered the Mystery Box Giveaway?

    1. Hi Lisa, Glad you dropped by and yes the basement IS a headache. It will just have to stay "unfinished" for now until we can figure out how to not let it happen again. UGH!

  3. Your blog is beautifully done! It's so neat and organized. The final Walk is a great idea.

    1. Thank you for the compliment about my blog! Barbara from Ruby Slippers did it and she does really beautiful work! Have a great summer break!

  4. What a great week you had! Minus the flood in the basement. So sorry to hear about that. Although we must remind ourselves that it could have been much worse. Thank goodness it was just in the basement.
    Hope your enjoying this fabulous weekend!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe