Sunday, April 28, 2013

Science Sunday! Yep, Kids Love Experiments and They Love GROSS and EWWWW"!!!

Blobs in a Bottle!

Things You Will Need:

A clean/dry 1 liter soda bottle
3/4 Cup of Water
Vegetable Oil
Alka Seltzer (fizzing tablets)
Food Coloring (Any color, I use red)
Measuring Cup or a Funnel

What To Do Next:

Step One: Pour the water into the bottle.

Step Two: Use a measuring cup or a funnel to slowly pour in the vegetable oil until it is almost full.  You may have to wait a while for the water and oil to separate.

Step Three: Add ten drops of food coloring into the bottle.  The food coloring will drop down through the oil and then mix with the water at the bottom.

Step Four: Break the seltzer tablets in half and drop them into the bottle.  Watch it sink to the bottom and watch the blobs begin!

Step Five: To keep the fun going just add more seltzer pieces into the bottle.

When I do this experiment with the kids I always have a bottle of oil and water that has already sat for a while and separated.  

Inquiring Minds Will Want to Know:

1. Does the size of the bottle have anything to do with how many blobs are made?

2. Does it still work and make blobs if the cap is put on the bottle?

3. Does the size of the seltzer tablet matter in how many blobs it makes?

4. Does it make a difference if you put in more then one color of food coloring?

If you visit my TpT store I am offering a FREEBIE for the scientists in your class.  We want them to write down their scientific observations and do what scientists do and think like scientists.

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Come back each "Science Sunday" to get another interesting and fun science experiment for your class!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party... April 26th}

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{1} Wow, a four day week and I have a THREE day weekend!  WOO HOOOO!!!
After this weekend our school system only has 21 more days of school left!
I don't have a single thing planned for my summer break and that is the best part.  I shop at my Dollar Tree often and I found some really cute totes that are 8" x 8" for my leveled readers from Reading A-Z.  They are going to be my leveled reading homework totes for next year and my summer project.  OOPS! I guess I am going to be doing something this summer?  These are 2 for $1 and aren't the colors great?  Now I just need to figure out where and how I am going to store all of these cuties.  

{2} Now for decorating these colorful wonders!  I have just the thing and it came from the Dollar Tree. How about glitter glue?  Yep, Glitter Glue will make these bags scream "I want to go into your bookbag and be your homework"!

{3} I was doing my regular teacher blog stalking and what did I find?  I found this adorable FREEBIE from Lindsey at "The Teacher Wife" blog.  Isn't this the cutest idea for the end of school?  Thank you Lindsey and I have it put together in a Dollar Tree frame with glass and just write on it with a "wipe off" marker.  Here is the one I made using a 5 x 7 frame and she makes them in three sizes!

{4} It is finally warm enough here in GA to have the windows and doors open for my fur-babies to go in and out.  Here is a pic of my Princess Penelope basking in the sun.  She is half in the door and half out of the door and I think this is the best position for any dog.  My dogs are always sitting at the door and saying "Let me in so I can go back out again"!  LOL    

Penelope, my Sweetheart!

{5} Last, but not least, is the colorful swatters I found at the Dollar Tree and I am going to use these with a great product I found on TpT by Daina Roberts called "You Better Splat That"  ha ha ha ha, love the name!

Click the Pic for the Product

Thank you Doodle Bugs for the "Five for Friday" fun!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

May Freebies Linky Party!

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I am linking up with Sally over at Elementary Matters Blog with her "May Freebies Linky Party"!  She has some great freebies listed on her blog so go and get a few and link up with us.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here is a Fun Product for My Followers!

Here is a Fun Product on TpT!

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I found this new graphics designer the other day after I downloaded a product I purchased from TpT.  I always look at the product first (of course) and something always catches my eye that intrigues me so I go look at the credits to see if I can figure out where I can find it.  On this particular product I found a graphics designer named Kate Hadfield and fell in love with her adorable products.  She does have a membership fee but it is well worth it once you see the quality of work.  Please make sure that you read her TOUs (terms of use) to make sure that you understand what you can and can't do with her graphics.  Here is where you can find her on the internet, so go look for yourself at how beautiful her work is.  Click the image below to visit her website and let me know what you think.  This is going to be just one of many graphics designers that I introduce to you over the next several days and weeks.  ENJOY! 
  Okay, now off to my real world, where a ton of laundry is stalking me as I am coming to the end of my spring break and not liking it!  BOOOOO!  The positive side is that means we have about seven more weeks of school and I can't believe this school year is almost over.  Yep, we are out of school here on May 24th!  YEAH!