Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Welcome to Booking Across the USA!
Back in November, Jodie Rodriguez sent me an email and asked if I would like to join a huge project with other bloggers across the United States.  I was so flattered that she invited me and graciously accepted.  I thought about it and it made me a little nervous to do such a huge project.  As my blogging skills have grown, even since November, I felt it was time to take this on in a big way.  So here I am hosting and representing the beautiful state of GEORGIA!  

Georgia is the home to a lot of great attractions and rich in its history.  We are the home of so many wonderful places to visit, and here are just a few:

Atlanta's Gold Dome

Cabbage Patch Kids (click to visit)

Atlanta Botanical Garden (Click to visit)

Georgia Aquarium (click to visit)

Birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King

The last internationally known attraction is the birthplace of Dr. King here in Atlanta, Georgia.  In developing units for Teachers Pay Teachers I did a lot of research/reading on some great and historical black Americans.  Dr. King was one that I read a great deal about because I was very young when the Civil Rights Movement (I know, some of you weren't even born yet, don't rub it in) was occurring and I wasn't as aware of its importance at the time.  In my reading about him I found out what a great man he was and honored that I was a part of history and wished I had understood the magnitude of what was taking place as I look back upon it all.  

All of this rich history brings me to introduce you to a book most of you may be quite familiar with.  It is a book about Dr. King and the name of it is "Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport.  This picture book biography is an excellent and accessible introduction for young readers to learn about one of the world's most influential leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Doreen Rappaport weaves the immortal words of Dr. King into a captivating narrative to tell the story of his life.  With stunning art by acclaimed illustrator Bryan Collier, Martin's Big Words is an unforgettable portrait of a man whose dream changed America and the world forever. 
 Martin's Big Words 
(Click above to visit)

Here is a video of the book and I know you will enjoy listening to it before you travel on to another blog to be introduced to another book and activity.

In closing our time together I would like to invite you to download one of the activities that I did with my first grade students.  We created a mini book and you can have it for FREE by downloading it below.  Click on the image of the book to begin the download.

I am so glad you dropped by and please leave a comment and tell me what state you are from so we can get as many states represented as possible in the comments section!!!  Thank you Jodie for inviting me to participate in this wonderful project to bring new books and activities from across the USA!  Here are the other bloggers involved by state in this fantastic project so please visit them and let them know what state you are from as well!

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  1. Wonderful resources on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Love the additional links to some places that should interest my kids.

  2. This is wonderful! We've been to the GA Aquarium a couple of times now, but I would love to get to a few other places next time we go through Atlanta. Thanks for the printable too.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful post. I love that book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I used to use that in the classroom too. Your printable is amazing. You are so talented and I'm so happy you participated in the Booking Across the USA. I'll be featuring your post later in the week on my blog!

  4. This is a really great post. I've been to Georgia once but didn't get to see all the attractions you mentioned at the beginning of your post. I grew up in PA but live in MD now :)

  5. Hi! I'm from New Jersey! Just came across your fun blog, I'm your newest follower!
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