Saturday, December 14, 2013

Random acts of Kindness for Sandy Hook!

As educators, we remember and honor our fallen colleagues and their students from Sandy Hook School. We honor them each day in our classrooms in which we continue their dream of teaching our children. We honor their memory with our service. Join with teachers everywhere in committing random acts of kindness to show our love for Sandy Hook. 

All during this week, please promote the RAK on social media.  Use the hashtag:  #love4SH

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Couple of Fantastic Freebie Frenzies Going On! Get Hoppin'

 We Can Do It!  We can make it to Christmas Break!

While we are trying to make it to Christmas Break you can head on over to two different Facebook Frenzy Freebies and grab some great products.  

Click on the image above to get started!

Then, there is another great one going on with Firstie Friends and click on the image below to get started with that one.  There are a LOT of really great freebies, so GO and get started!

Here is a Hop Map for you in case you get lost?

Here's to the next TWO weeks filled with freebies from these great Facebook Hops and Hoping that your Christmas if FILLED with Blessings!!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What's In Your TpT Shopping Cart? Love A TpT Sale!!!

Joining Up with Blog Hoppin' to show what WAS in my shopping cart!
 Show Us What You Bought
Graphics and fonts from Ashley Huhges, Cara Carroll, and Jen Jones

I had WAY too much in my shopping cart for this sale, but I bought every single thing that was in it!

The sad part is I am still searching TpT to make sure I haven't left anything out or missed a great product so that is why I am linking up with Blog Hoppin'.  

Here is just a preview of the items I purchased for this sale:

The Lesson Plan Diva is one of my favorites:

Math Action Cards!

 Interactive Math Notebook!

Interactive ELA Notebook

These I purchased from Reagan Tunstall's Store and they are Fabulous!

 Math Resource Units 1-6

Math Resource Units 7 and 8

Okay, I shared what I purchased and it is YOUR turn.  So head on over to Blog Hoppin' and link up!

Here's to less rain in Georgia for the next few days!  GEESH!!!  It has rained the entire month!  LOL

Sunday, December 1, 2013

"What's On Your Wishlist?" Linky Party!

Besides someone Tall, Dark, and Handsome coming into my life and straightening me out, I have these on my "wishlist" for the TpT sale tomorrow!  WooHoooo!!!

 Wishlist Linky Party

Here we Goooooo...

Click on the pictures to see "The Lesson Plan Diva's" products

 Math Action Cards

 Language Arts Notebook

Reagan Tunstall is Amazing, so click below to see her "time saving" creations!

Don't forget tomorrow and Tuesday TpT is having a huge sale and you need to go shopping! Click the picture below to travel to my TpT store!

Here's wishing you all nothing but FUN tomorrow as you shop for those items you have been wanting on your wishlist!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Updated Products and Enjoying Thanksgiving Break!

I don't know about you but if I can make it to Thanksgiving then I can do three more weeks until Christmas Break! AHHHHHHH!!!

During this break I have been working hard on updating products that I created last year.  I have grown a lot as an educator in being a TpT seller.  I have grown as a teacher in that I pay attention to the details more.  The things I created last year I just sit and look at and say, "what was I thinking"?  Then the dubious task of upgrading products begins and there is always more to it then you think.  So here are some upgraded products that I have been working on to be what I would want to purchase.  I wonder if next year when I look at them that I will ask the same question I did this year? 

Oh Yeah, I have also been dabbling in creating graphics.  It takes a lot longer to create them then I ever imagined but please enjoy them in making some of your Christmas projects.  I have a new found respect for some of the graphics artists I know.  

These are something that I have wanted for over a year now but could never find any Candy Cane letters and numbers that I liked.  So here they are and I am looking forward to using them soon to create new units for Christmas.  This  set has 72 letters, numbers, and candy cane graphics.  This is not a font, just letters, numbers, number signs and a candy cane frame.  If you would like to take a look at them click on the image above and it will take you right to the product on TpT.

The first products I updated was my Christmas Math and Literacy Centers.  I have now included both color and greyscale since everyone is as printer conscious as I am.  I wish that I didn't have to worry about it because I prefer to have my centers in color, not in greyscale.  


The next product I worked on was my Christmas Math Centers and here are some previews for you to look at and click on if you are interested.  I also sell all of these individually in my store as well if you don't want to purchase the entire packet of centers.

If you are interested in taking a look at the Math Centers just click on any of the pictures above.

Here's to Family, Friends, and Thanksgiving Meals shared together and created together.  I hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday is a very special celebration and that you share all of the things you are thankful for.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day and Beyond! Sometimes Honesty HURTS!

In the United States, Veterans Day is observed on November 11.  However, if it occurs on a Sunday then the following Monday is designated for holiday leave, and if it occurs Saturday then either Sunday or Saturday or Friday, may be designated.  Regardless of when it occurs we should all be thankful to those who served in the military.  As a military family I know that it is not just the veteran that gives but their families as well.  

So today I thank my two sons for serving and providing the freedom that some of us take for granted.  Thank you to all military families and I know a lot who have given so much in the name of freedom.  I have a lot of people tell me to tell my sons "thank you for serving in the military" and it always touches my heart.  

Thank you Aaron for sacrificing for all of us!

Thank you Justin for sacrificing for all of us!


Do not read further unless you want to read the truth!

Okay, that is the wonderful part of Veterans Day; the celebrations, the cookouts and being with our families.  BUT there is something that I want ALL of you to know.  It isn't pretty on the other end of the wonderful "coming homes".  Here are some statistics that the media will not tell you because they really hurt, they are painful and down right embarrassing.  This is how our military men and women are really treated.  Not all of them but here are the statistics.  I am sure as of this date these statistics are  much higher.  

There are 860,000 American veterans needing help from the Veterans Administration and few are getting it.  

There are 360,000 soldiers diagnosed with traumatic brain injury or TBI.  

As many as 130,000 men and women who served in uniform are now sleeping homeless on the streets of America.  

On an average day more then 22 take their own lives out of despair.

A Veteran dies by suicide every 80 minutes. (Veterans Affairs)

336,000 have PTSD (Veterans Affairs)

In 2012, more US Soldiers, Seamen, Airmen and Marines died by their own hands than in battle. (Washington Post)

During each conflict in which America participates there are Veterans left behind.  There have been millions of people that come home from wars shattered, broken, and unable to ever earn a living.  Some families are broken by death, while others have had their loved ones return unrecognizable.  

My own son lost his home, his girlfriend, had to drop out of school, lost his job and his future of going to get his doctorate in organic chemistry.  He is not one of the 130,000 that are on the streets because he is with me.  If it weren't for me he would be one of the statistics listed above.  

If this isn't what you expected then find a way to help out and make this all stop!  I earn a living by teaching and then my Teachers Pay Teachers funds go into my being his primary care giver for his health and well-being.  

I am thankful that I have him here and that he came home alive, but I would like to have my real son back.  The one that was the life of the party, the one that always made us laugh, the one that loved devoting his life to finding a cure for Alzheimer disease,  the one that was so active on the campus of Georgia Southern.  No, he is not who left to go to war, but he is here with me and I am thankful today and every day that I wasn't handed a folded flag by another Marine.  I keep hoping and praying that one day he will have his life back, but he has been declared 100% disabled by the medical profession and psychiatrists.  

I close this post with this thought: Is there something you can do to help?  Look hard, you will find something to do to help out your fellow Americans.

Until None Are Left Behind!


Monday, October 28, 2013

My Truth Monday!

Denise, over at Sunny Days Blog is doing a great linky on "My Truth Monday" and it is catching on FAST!  

ZOOM on over the link up with us and reveal your inner TRUTHS!
Click on the image above to travel on over and join in with us.  Now for the magnificent unfolding of MY Truths on Monday:

Okay, "TAG", you are it and it is YOUR turn!  Go For It, I double dog dare you!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

YEAH! It's Five for Friday!!!

Why am I so excited about "Five for Friday"?  I am off today and I can relax and enjoy blogging and creating for TpT!  

Well, my week started off with a lot of fun in celebrating my Austin's birthday with his friends.  Austin is my first grandson and he turned seven years old.  Wow, it just seems like yesterday that he was a little baby.  We had so much fun with friends and family celebrating. 

It was conference week and that makes for late nights preparing for 20 conferences.  It is a lot of hard work and I wonder sometimes if parents know how many hours we spend on each one of their conferences just getting them ready.  We have some awesome families at my school and here is a beautiful "candy bar" and I served myself up a cup of deliciousness to keep my energy up!  

My son couldn't wait to give me my birthday present on Halloween (yep it is my birthday on Halloween) so he gave one of them to me this week.  He found it on Etsy and I LOVE sunflowers and Fall!  This is sitting on my desk right now but I know there is a better place for it when I get my office finished.

Cats!  You have just got to love cats and their personalities or is there a lack of evidence of personality?  Well, watch the video and you make the decision who has the personalities.  I laughed so hard watching this and just had to make it a "share" with all of my "Five for Friday" friends!!!  LOL

I have to close now and go get my car emissions inspection so I can get my car tag before the 31st gets here and I am not legal on the road.  I don't know if you have to do this or not but I dread doing this every single year.  I am always holding my breath hoping that my car will pass each year since it is so old.  

SO!  Here is to long weekends, family and friends!  Hope your weekend is a great one and brings lots of blessings!