Thursday, November 29, 2012

When I Was In....Linky Party

Oakhurst Elementary 1961

Me Now

Yes, I really was a first grader once many years ago.  My first graders wanted to know what I looked like when I was in first grade so I took this picture and put it in dropbox and headed off to school.  I also had to take in my trusted and faithful friend and "Huggy" so that they could see my old doggie named Hippie that I carried around when I was little.  They were fascinated with the fact that I had a "Huggy" and still had it.  Since this is a "Linky Party" head on over to Second Grade Sparkle and join in the fun!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cyber Monday Plus Tuesday on TpT!

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Yes, it is that time of year when Thanksgiving is celebrated and "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" become a part of our shopping.  I don't know about you but I try to stay away from any store on Black Friday and strongly prefer Cyber Monday instead.  If you are like me and enjoy Cyber Monday then come on over to my TpT store and fill your cart with things you want and have before the sale actually begins.  Here are a few cute suggestions in my store:

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day 2012 and I Am Thankful!

In the United States, Veterans Day is usually observed on November 11.  However, if it occurs on a Sunday then the following Monday is designated for holiday leave, and if it occurs Saturday then either Sunday or Saturday or Friday, may be designated.  Regardless of when it occurs we should all be thankful to those who served in the military.  As a military family I know that it is not just the veteran that gives but their families as well.  

So today I thank my two sons for serving and providing the freedom that some of us take for granted.  Thank you to all military families and I know a lot who have given so much in the name of freedom.  I have a lot of people tell me to tell my sons "thank you for serving in the military" and it always touches my heart.  

I have a son still a home with me after three years and still disabled from serving.  Three years ago I drove to Tuscaloosa to find my son in the hospital for what we thought would be a short stay.  It was the longest four hour drive of my life to get there.  After serving he finally just collapsed one day and was taken away in an ambulance.  We were called to be by his side and we were there for him.  Three years later the V.A. still denies his and thousands of claims because they refuse to recognize that PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a defined and legitimate disability.  For him there was a huge loss; he lost his home, his girlfriend, had to drop out of school with only one semester left only to find that the V.A. would not help him and he had to move back home.  He was headed to Purdue for his Ph.D. in organic chemistry and now all of that is on hold or may never happen because the V.A. refuses to recognize my son's disability.  

Yes, this is tough to handle and there are times when I think I can't handle it any longer but then there is always someone who encourages you to go on.  To be honest if he were not living with me he would just be another homeless veteran and there are a lot more of them then you know.  So today or any day that you are around a person in or out of uniform please tell them that you appreciate everything they give up to serve.  

I know this was not teacher or blog related but it is life related and we all need an education about what really goes on in the life of our veterans.  He is trying so hard to turn his life around and doing woodworking and has an Etsy shop called Thomas Fine Woodworks and it helps us pay for the medical expenses that we have to pay out of pocket.  My TpT money that I earn goes toward helping him out as well.  I am just thankful that TpT is here to help us out and be able to keep our home.  When I lay down at night I am always thanking God for the roof over my head and that I have provided one for someone else.  It is tough, but at the end of the day we are family and we love each other and trust God to provide for our needs.    


Friday, November 9, 2012

Teaching Blog Addict's Friday Freebie and Thankfulness!!!

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Today I have a "Freebie" posted on Teaching Blog Addict's website and I am thankful for Fern who gives her time so willingly so that teachers can post their free products each week to share with other educators.  She even gives us a reminder that we need to get our freebies ready and have them posted early on Friday morning.  

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holidays I am thankful for so many things in my life and in the lives of each person in my family.  I am thankful for my four sons and that they love their Mom enough to come home and celebrate family and just being together.  I am thankful for my daughters-in-law and that I would have chosen them to be my very own.  I am thankful for my two beautiful and sweet grandchildren, even though I had to admit I was getting older by being a "Grandma" to two children I love so dearly.  I am thankful that I have God whom I can go to anytime I want and pray for those who are in need.  In these past few weeks there certainly have been a lot of prayers going out to all those who have had to begin putting their lives back together from Hurricane Sandy.  

As you approach the Thanksgiving Holidays is there something or someone that you are thankful for?  Do you tell them that you are thankful for them and that they are a blessing in your life?  I am thankful for all my blogging friends and you all know who you are.  It is hard to believe that at the end of January of this coming year that it will be one year since I began this blogging journey.  Wow, I have learned a lot since the beginning of this year. I have learned so much I don't even know where to begin except to say  "thank you for all you have taught me".  

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Thank you for dropping by my blog today and downloading your free product!  I hope you and your children enjoy this fun game together.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Hurricane Unit Fundraiser

Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Hurricane Unit Fundraiser:

All the proceeds from my Hurricane unit will go towards Hurricane Sandy relief in Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY.  This is the town I live in and teach in.  I have been blown away by the generosity and comradery I have witnessed this past week.  My town is full of awesome people!  Way to go Lindy!!!