Sunday, March 25, 2012


Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, music and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your iPhone and iPad and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that matters to you on the go.  I use Dropbox with my first grade team and we share resources this way and drop materials in it that we want to resource at home.  It is a good way to share photos with friends and family too having separate folders and permissions.  The more people you get to join Dropbox the more space you have given to you.  Take a look at it and I think you will like it just as much as my family and teachers do!  Click the image above and it will take you to the website to get more information.  


  1. I think that is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love my dropbox! I don't know how I survived without it - it's such an easy way to share files!
    Teaching With Style

  3. I have never used Dropbox...only Google Docs. Christine and I share an email for C&C Teach First and utilize that. At our school we have a "shared folder" that we can all access in 1st grade. Can you upload any type of file to Drop box?

    We just started following your blog...that's for being our follower too!

    C&C Teach First

  4. I hate it when I hit submit before I proofread!...supposed to say "thanks" for being our follower too!

  5. Yes, you can upload any type of file into dropbox, movies, powerpoints, music etc.

  6. I have my home computer, and a school computer. When I'm at home and make a file, create a document, or just find a cool web site for my kids, I download EVERYTHING to drop box. Then I can access it from school as well as home. Also, I put pictures on there that I can share with my daughter who lives in another town. She can go to my dropbox site and look at all my pictures. It's an amazing find !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!