Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday Link - June 19th

It is already Friday and this week has FLOWN by!  I don't like my summers to go by SO fast!  

OK, really this week has flown by.  Yesterday I got on one of these and flew four hours to Los Angeles to meet one of the most important people in my life.

While I was being held captive on an airplane I watched the movie Interstellar and enjoyed it!

When I got off the plane I had the best little visitor in the back seat with me.  I enjoyed being with you and riding with you little Anna.  I got her to laugh which totally filled my heart!

Finally got back to the house and was completely exhausted.  I have never been on a plane for FOUR hours but it was so worth it! 

The folks in Charleston, S.C. have not had good news for loved ones. Please pray for those who lost loved ones this week and please visit Sarah's website, Educlips, to get this beautiful tribute.

 Educlips Tribute to Charleston, S.C.

Have a blessed week and remember those who are having a tough time!