Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another "BRIGHT IDEAS" Blog Hop! It's ALL About TIME!

It's that time again to do another "Bright Ideas" blog hop!  Come and join us and get ready for some fabulous teaching ideas!

My first graders are doing fine with telling time to the hour.  When it comes to teaching them about the half-hour, I know what's headed my way.  It always confuses them when the hour hand is in between two numbers.  So we made up this little rhyme to help them know where to look.  I taught them to look where the hour hand is and if they don't know which hour it is, then go to the lowest number.  So we reduced it to: "If you don't know, go low"!  

I use the website "Stop the Clock" and you can click below and go see it.

 Stop the Clock

We start with using the site practicing time to the hour.  I give them a sheet that we use to write down how many seconds/minutes it takes them to get the analog and digital clocks matched. 

Then, after we have mastered telling time to the hour we move on to the half-hour:

 Stop the Clock

If you are interested in using the "Stop the Clock" sheet:

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! Like the rhyme, go low...I have a few this might help.