Sunday, April 28, 2013

Science Sunday! Yep, Kids Love Experiments and They Love GROSS and EWWWW"!!!

Blobs in a Bottle!

Things You Will Need:

A clean/dry 1 liter soda bottle
3/4 Cup of Water
Vegetable Oil
Alka Seltzer (fizzing tablets)
Food Coloring (Any color, I use red)
Measuring Cup or a Funnel

What To Do Next:

Step One: Pour the water into the bottle.

Step Two: Use a measuring cup or a funnel to slowly pour in the vegetable oil until it is almost full.  You may have to wait a while for the water and oil to separate.

Step Three: Add ten drops of food coloring into the bottle.  The food coloring will drop down through the oil and then mix with the water at the bottom.

Step Four: Break the seltzer tablets in half and drop them into the bottle.  Watch it sink to the bottom and watch the blobs begin!

Step Five: To keep the fun going just add more seltzer pieces into the bottle.

When I do this experiment with the kids I always have a bottle of oil and water that has already sat for a while and separated.  

Inquiring Minds Will Want to Know:

1. Does the size of the bottle have anything to do with how many blobs are made?

2. Does it still work and make blobs if the cap is put on the bottle?

3. Does the size of the seltzer tablet matter in how many blobs it makes?

4. Does it make a difference if you put in more then one color of food coloring?

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Come back each "Science Sunday" to get another interesting and fun science experiment for your class!


  1. I love this! I've been looking for simple science experiments to do for my firsties. Thanks for providing some great ones! Do you do this every Sunday?

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Yes, I am going to do "Science Sunday" every week so drop in each week for a new and fun thing to do with your firsties!