Friday, November 9, 2012

Teaching Blog Addict's Friday Freebie and Thankfulness!!!

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Today I have a "Freebie" posted on Teaching Blog Addict's website and I am thankful for Fern who gives her time so willingly so that teachers can post their free products each week to share with other educators.  She even gives us a reminder that we need to get our freebies ready and have them posted early on Friday morning.  

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holidays I am thankful for so many things in my life and in the lives of each person in my family.  I am thankful for my four sons and that they love their Mom enough to come home and celebrate family and just being together.  I am thankful for my daughters-in-law and that I would have chosen them to be my very own.  I am thankful for my two beautiful and sweet grandchildren, even though I had to admit I was getting older by being a "Grandma" to two children I love so dearly.  I am thankful that I have God whom I can go to anytime I want and pray for those who are in need.  In these past few weeks there certainly have been a lot of prayers going out to all those who have had to begin putting their lives back together from Hurricane Sandy.  

As you approach the Thanksgiving Holidays is there something or someone that you are thankful for?  Do you tell them that you are thankful for them and that they are a blessing in your life?  I am thankful for all my blogging friends and you all know who you are.  It is hard to believe that at the end of January of this coming year that it will be one year since I began this blogging journey.  Wow, I have learned a lot since the beginning of this year. I have learned so much I don't even know where to begin except to say  "thank you for all you have taught me".  

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Thank you for dropping by my blog today and downloading your free product!  I hope you and your children enjoy this fun game together.



  1. What a terrific freebie! Thank you for sharing this at TBA, have a great weekend!!
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  2. Thanks for the freebie! Definitely something I can use in the coming weeks!

    What i have learned

  3. Thanks for the freebie and for stopping by my blog! So excited to "meet" another first grade teacher!

    Learning is for Superstars

  4. Thanks so much, Deb! Excellent freebie!!!
    Your newest follower - Lisa
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