Sunday, August 12, 2012

Planning Time Again? How Do You Do Planning?

How Do You Plan?

I have a basic template that I use in Word from year to year and just change the times and place where the segments go in the day.  I do all of my planning by the week when school first starts because I don't know all of my children that well and have not done running records to find out what level they are reading on.  After about a month I know all of my children pretty well as far as their academic abilities go and I have learned their personalities as well.  

Planning is not my favorite thing to do and I do not write them out in as much detail as I should.  I only do them in detail if I am going to have a substitute.  This is my third year in first grade and I am finally getting the hang of how to do Daily 5 for both reading and math.  We also plan as a team but we only have about 30 minutes once we get our kids to specials.  Thirty minutes isn't a lot of time to get it all in but at least we have an idea of what each other is doing.  Later on in the year I plan for two weeks in advance and that is about as far as I want to go and it works well for me.  What are some tools that you use for planning your lessons?      


  1. I am fortunate to have extended planning every other week with our grade level for an hour and a half. We also have a 45 minutes a day for our individual planning. We usually plan math, science, and social studies together in extended planning for the coming two weeks. Reading and writing are usually planned individually since we have to differentiate for our own students.

  2. That is terrific Libby! I would love to have 1 1/2 hours every other week to do planning. We could get so much more done together!