Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Blogs and Bloggy Friends!!!

This week was both exciting and challenging for me as I closed down my classroom for the year and had a beautiful new face put on my Fabulously First blog.  I started TpT and blogging at the end of January and I haven't regretted it one time since it all began.  I see a lot of blogs each day and I am growing by leaps and bounds as I work with some of the best teachers on TpT and you all know who you are!  

I would like to thank Barbara from Ruby Slippers Blog Designs for creating my blog and making it so fresh, new and exciting.  I would also like to thank all of my "Top Teachers" bloggy peeps (and guys) for taking me under their wings and teaching me a lot more then I ever expected to learn about blogging.  It is so much fun to blog and now I have a new blog that is exciting and inviting and I have fun bloggy friends that I talk to every single day that keep me moving!  


  1. Your blog looks beautiful! I'm going to pin your new button :-).

  2. I love your blog template!! I agree, blogging is so much fun. It is so great to be part of such a wonderful community! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Hey Deb! I don't know how I missed you either! But, YAY we are finally connected in blog world too! I love your blog and look forward to visiting often. :-)
    Thanks for stopping by mine today!

  4. I love your blog. Very pretty.