Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bird Watching Hobby

What most people don't know about me is I am an avid bird watcher and I love to watch them right outside my window where my computer is.  My son was taking pictures and using the iPad with the iBird Pro App to call birds into the yard and this beautiful creature landed right on the tree next to my Koi pond and he snapped this picture.  It looks as if he landed right there just so Ben could take his picture.  The really cool thing is last summer we rescued a cedar waxwing baby that had flown into my bedroom window.  When he was alright enough to fly again we let him go.  Don't you wonder if life comes full circle in different ways?  This could have been the very little baby that we helped to rescue dropping back in to say "thank you".  Isn't that cool?  He received over TEN THOUSAND hits yesterday when it was entered. 
CLICK HERE if you would like to see more of Ben's Photography. 


  1. I LOVE Cedar and Bohemian waxwings! Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous birds! Ours fly into our area around January. They sit in a row and eat the red berries on a bush by passing them to each other. They're gone in about two days. :)

  2. Excellent capture! I love birdwatching too! Thanks for sharing.